Alan Montgomery

The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist: The Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist

It’s a historical fiction and a sequel to Charles Dickens’ famous book Oliver Twist. The intended reader would be from teen on up; being people who find the Dickens characters particularly fascinating.  It would compare with Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist and with other more modern novels which outline lives advancing from late childhood to adult. 
The purpose of the book was, in part, to show how some people became the way they were in the Dickens novel.  But it is also intended to show that, no matter how they started, they can always become more than they were. (In the case of a few characters, they go the opposite direction.)

One important aspect of the book is the historic background that appears in scene after scene.  Whether the shadow of slavery or indentured workers, the story highlights (with very little that is not historically accurate) the way people lived and struggled to survive.

In The Further Adventures of Gentleman Jack and Mister Twist, the Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, I resolved to explore the probable past and possible future for many of them. My novel is in two parts. It is a modern story that just happens to be set around the mid-1830s. It clearly answers that question.

Fifteen Tales for Christmastide

Christmastime brings out the best and the worst in everyone. These tales are written to lighten and enlighten the beautiful joys of Christmas.


Some are semireligious while others are more fanciful. All are a joyful affirmation of the spirit felt at that time of the year.

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